fgm2017aUpcoming Event: Join or Support us in marking International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) on Feb 6, 2017

The International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation is a United Nations (UN) campaign held every year to stop genital mutilation to girls and women....

Safewomanhood Kenya & Safeway Medical Clinic has been providing medical information and services to individuals & families affected and afflicted by FGM among a voiceless minority and refugee communities living in Kenya by engaging and intervening (when possible) againist these heinous practices, providing help and care that could not otherwise (or easily) come to them, and becoming actively involved in building a posterity for better family health.

Interventions for a Posterity

fardhosa ali mohamedFardhosa Ali Mohamed is the local director for the Safewomahood Organization that incorporates the Safeway Medical Clinic in Eastleigh, Nairobi, Kenya. A nurse by profession, Fardhosa is known for the inspiration of Kim Longinotto's "The Day I Will Never Forget", A film documentary that won several awards in 2003/2004.


Fardhosa is a serious activist whose large heart is filled with genuine compassion and in-born empathy. With conviction, she minces no words as she speaks from her beliefs about her goals in life and for Safewomanhood Kenya.

We have been caught by the heart and ears as she narrates some of the untold stories of the plight and suffering of the refugee immigrant communities of Somali people that often brings one to tears. In more ways than one, you are stirred to fight against the injustices faced by the girl-child and their path to womanhood and motherhood.

Over and above that, her experience in the medical field for many years has given her very intricate and intimate success stories & discoveries on community health work. Her commitment is often seen as she advocates for child health, women/girl rights in the streets of Eastleigh, Nairobi and in other places where such needs abound, more so, to the FGM prone communities.

Fardhosa's mention among phenomenal people at  http://phenomenalpeople.tumblr.com/post/18954820594/fardhosa-ali-mohammad by Kim is endorsed by others. Indeed, we, who have locally associated with her, do feel as if she has spent all her life mitigating against the terrors of unsafe motherhood especially those wrought by FGM


Programs & Core Mandate


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safeway medical clinicThe Safeway Medical Clinic is our first step toward the building of a modern hospital as a functional arm of Safewomanhood Organization that provides health care in keeping with our mission and mandate.

The clinic is situated in rented space in an old residential building with 'small' everything. Ironically, however, this small space has been the house of hope for many within our surroundings. From here, we have ventured to great health and advocacy campaigns religiously like the World Pneumonia Day, Immunization Campaigns, Handwashing Day, International Women's Day, World Aids Day, One Billion Rising, Measles Campaign etc   read-more


About Us

Safe Womanhood Kenya is a legally registered Community Based Organization (CBO) registered in 2003. The organization provides a helping hand to the refugee community living in Nairobi, comprising of Somalis, Ethiopians and Sudanese who have ran away from an unpredictable future, and the hostile environments of their war-torn countries. As our logo denotes, we try as much as we can to provide solutions and services to them, for we have found that in a foreign land, they are continually assailed by almost equal adversities. However, the organization has no limits without distinctions on status quo.read-more



From the core of our beings, we wish to appreciate and treasure the friendship and support of the following key personalities, without whom, Safewomanhood Kenya and Safeway Medical Clinic could still be a cradle, an inconsequential instrument of change:-

helene silverberg 

Helene Silverberg, Professor

Political Science Faculty

UC Berkeley

California, USA 
Victoria Kahn

Victoria Kahn, Professor

English Faculty

UC Berkeley

California, USA

FGM / FGC Wiki

Female genital mutilation, also known as female circumcision, excision or genital cutting, comprises all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the genital organs for non-medical reasons, mostly carried out between infancy and age 15.

The procedure has no health benefits for girls and women. Because it is usually performed without permission and often against will, FGM violates girls’ right to make important decisions about their sexual health.  

Circumcision or "sunna": This involves the removal of the prepuce and the tip of the clitoris. This is the only operation which, medically, can be likened to male circumcision.

Excision or clitoridectomy: This involves the removal of the clitoris, and often also of the labia minora. It is the most common operation and is practised throughout Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula.

Infibulation or Pharaonic circumcision: This is the most severe operation, involving excision plus the removal of the labia majora and the sealing of the two sides, through stitching or natural fusion of scar tissue. What is left is a very smooth surface, and a small opening to permit urination and the passing of menstrual blood. This artificial opening is sometimes no larger that the head of a match.

Introcision: This form of mutilation is practised specifically by the Pitta-Patta Aborigines from Australia: When a girl reaches puberty, the whole tribe - both sexes - assembles. The operator, an elderly man, enlarges the vaginal orifice by tearing it downward with three fingers bound with opposum string. In other districts, the perineum is split with a stone knife. This is usually followed by compulsory sexual intercourse with a number of young men. Introcision is also practised in Peru, in particular among the Conibos, a division of the Pano Indians in the North-East: as soon as a girl reaches maturity, she is intoxicated and subjected to mutilation in front of her community. The operation is performed by an elderly woman, using a bamboo knife. She cuts around the hymen from the vaginal entrance and severs the hymen from the labia, at the same time exposing the clitoris. Medicinal herbs are applied followed by the insertion into the vagina of a slightly moistened penis-shaped object made of clay.

Unclassified types of FGM: includes pricking, piercing or incision of clitoris and/or labia; stretching of clitoris and/or labia; cauterisation by burning of clitoris and surrounding tissues; scraping (angurya cuts) of the vaginal orifice or cutting (gishiri cuts) of the vagina; introduction of corrosive substances into the vagina to cause bleeding or herbs into the vagina with the aim of tightening or narrowing the vagina; any other procedures which fall under the definition of FGM given above.

Key Facts - WHO


  • Female genital mutilation (FGM) includes procedures that intentionally alter or cause injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.
  • The procedure has no health benefits for girls and women.
  • Procedures can cause severe bleeding and problems urinating, and later cysts, infections, as well as complications in childbirth and increased risk of newborn deaths.
  • More than 200 million girls and women alive today have been cut in 30 countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia where FGM is concentrated1.
  • FGM is mostly carried out on young girls between infancy and age 15. 
  • FGM is a violation of the human rights of girls and women.

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