FGM Zero Tolerance & Eradication

The FGM Problem

You might not need to watch videos or read the harrowing stories of women and girls who have undergone the cut to classify it as 'robbery with violence'. Victims are robbed of a joyous womanhood / motherhood through belief in heinous cultural myths that FGM is a necessity.

Not only does it result in devastating health repurcussions, but lifelong psychological torture which definitely is a deplorable real life case woman oppression in a modern world. The most shocking revelation is that unlike other forms of violence against women mainly perpetuated by men, the main actors here, sadly, are women.

It might even seem to some as a form of revenge by these women of what they themselves have lost and a complete misunderstanding of sexual sanctity and dignity. Their rationale for the malpractice to protect girls, or to guarantee their acceptance and respect within the community, prevent promiscuity and what they term as excessive clitoral growth, preserve virginity and ensure cleanliness presents the ugly face of a people that have weak inherent ability to be victorious against an immoral world.

Safewomanhood Organization therefore, believes that while it is important to preserve the moral fabric of a people, NO dehumanizing method ought to be used, and more so, nothing should be done to anyone without their consent. God who gave reserves the single right to take away.

It also presents a false and unfair indication that women are naturally promiscuos and must painfully suffer while their male counterparts go unabated like the proverbial 'strain a gnat, swallow the camel'.

Now the major problem is that even in metropolitan and developed communities, despite the level of education and exposure in a 'first' world', the practice is still prevalent among us and in the diaspora, and it is this we must altogether STOP!


Our Objectives

Our Objectives with Relation to FGM


Reduce the proportion and prevalence of girls and women who undergo any type of FGM

To increase the proportion of communities supporting the elimination of FGM through positive changes in attitudes, beliefs, behavior and practices

Provide skilled medical care and psychological counselling

Our Contribution & Future Plans

  • We hold campaigns within our locality to advocate the ending of this barbaric act
  • We have publications like the Trickling Tears and other printed materials to inform about the dangers and repurcussions of FGM
  • We hold seminars, workshops and provide alternative assistance to women circumcisers to stop the practice
  • We provide corrective surgery or medical care for those who have been mutilated often in operations gone wrong
  • We provide counseling to potential mothers on safe motherhood especially those who have gone under the cut and many others who have been traumatised by the experience.
  • We join the world in honoring the International Women's Day and place a lot of emphasis on Girl Child Empowerment
  • We employ a feminist approach and endeavor to become a loud voice in a community where sexuality is hardly discussed  and where culture hinders our women from coming to the forefront in decision making
  • Safe Womanhood works to build the capacity of individual and group community members, and establish key response structures to adopt proactive measures to prevent violence against women and develop local response strategies through training, mentoring and technical backstopping. We train various community members including the political leadership, the local administration, healthcare workers, and Youths. We also hold community forums that bring teachers, all community members, their leaders and custodians of culture together to focus on matters of violence against women.


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