Women Reproductive Health

The Women Reproductive Health Problem

Our concept of safe motherhood majorly focuses on the immigrant woman who has for a long time lived in harsh conditions without real knowledge proper reproductive health care.

We have encountered cases of women travelling to safety here while pregnant and ending up living in unfavorable conditions for an expectant mother especially on nutrition. A mother looks on to her hungry dependants and serves them first and herself last.

The refugee immigrant has no knowledge of the importance of ante-natal and post-natal care

These women do not advocate for hospital deliveries and complications often result in fatalities.

Our Objectives with Relation to Women Reproductive Health

Open a feeding center for the woman and child

Increase awareness of the necessity of ante-natal and post-natal care

Advocate for hospital deliveries

Provide medical health services at the clinic related to family planning, child birth issues and general maternal health.

Selected Case: An Encounter with case of birth under unfavorable conditions

CASE 1: Sabrin

With situations till volatile in Somali especially for women and children, Sabrin set out to look for safety elsewhere. Her target was to cross the Somali border into Kenya to escape the war back at home. She was almost nine months gone in her pregnancy. She had to escape to save her unborn baby too!

The journey was painstaking and slow as she was pregnant and escaping on foot. It took her a while to get to the border town of Bullla Hawa. Here, her time was up and she was forced to deliver under extreme and non-medical conditions. The delivery was successful nonetheless and she set to continue with her journey into Kenya. But little did she know that the worst awaited her little one. As she reached a refugee camp in Northern Kenya, the baby had already developed a serious medical problem around the umbilical cord. When she sought help from a medical facility at the camp, it was diagnosed to be ‘umbilicus sepsis’ – infection of the umbilical cord caused by unhygienic treatment of the area. This was caused by the difficult and strenuous situations as she found her way into the camp.

When matters became even worse for the baby, the unregistered refugee mother had to move to Nairobi – Kenya’s capital city - to seek further medical help for her now ailing baby. She got the baby to Kenyatta National Hospital and was immediately admitted and taken to the theatre for deprimentation. On discharge from hospital, the baby and the mother ended up in our care. So far, Safeway Medical Clinic and Safe Womanhood have been providing both medical and non-medical care for the duo. The baby is doing well in terms of recovery.

Our Contribution & Future Plans

Calendars are very popular with Kenyans. A beautiful one not only adorns our living rooms, but is also provides us an opportunity to disseminate monthly information on women reproductive health issues. We print them every year.

We demystify hospital deliveries. Pumwani Hospital is close to our neighbourhood and is stereotyped as a hospital of death. Few of our women want to go there for child birth. One woman was reported dead after her relatives went to check on her and found her slippers which she had left next to the bed to go to another room. It could not occur to them she would still be in another part of the hospital.

We have a small feeding programme where we give protein-rich nuts and other foodstuff to expectant mothers free of charge.

We provide family planning services and information to women in our locality.

We conduct campaigns, seminars and workshops to advocate for ante-natal and post-natal care

In the Pipeline

Operate a full fledged feeding center for the needy mother and child

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